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The Downtown YMCA’s First Indoor Triathlon a Great Success!

Downtown YMCA - January 29 2018


The four floors of the Downtown YMCA’s sports centre were brimming with excitement on Sunday, November 12! More than 200 spectators, volunteers and participants came to the very first edition of the Downtown YMCA’s Indoor Triathlon. It was the flagship event for YMCA’s annual fundraiser on behalf of children, youth and families, and the Downtown YMCA’s TeenZone in particular. A huge thanks to the participants who took up the challenge. You are all heroes!

We would like to thank our generous sponsor CN, and Stephen Covey, CN Chief of Police and Chief Security Officer, who enthusiastically led our cyclists in the Triathlon’s indoor cycling event. We would also like to thank our sponsors CBI Excellence Physio et réadaptation, Sports Experts Centre-ville and Provigo Le marché and all of our participants and donors. Thanks to their support, children, youth and families in our community have opportunities to be active, learn and make connections.


We are very grateful to Triathlon Québec for their collaboration and good advice.

And thank you to all the employees and volunteers who made this first edition of the Triathlon such a successful one. We want to also recognize the participation of Enrico Quilico and the teams that were under his supervision from the brain injury rehabilitation research program. Together, they have been training at the Downtown YMCA for nearly a year to achieve a real feat—participating in their first triathlon! Their courage and determination are an inspiration to us all. We are also very proud of the performance of the team from the Downtown YMCA’s TeenZone and the sportsmanship they have shown. Congratulations to our winners!

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Based on this success, we think it’s safe to say: see you next year!

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