Financial Assistance

Would you like to sign up your child to camp, but you can’t afford it? You may be eligible for a reduced rate with our Financial Assistance Program.

The offer of financial assistance is based upon your family’s spécific financial situation. Only camp fees are eligible for financial assistance. The costs of additional services such as childcare and meal service are not admissible.

Financial Assistance application process *:

  1. Visit the Find Your Camp and Our Programs pages to select your camp;
  2. Register online (payment by credit card only) or using the paper form (payment by cheque or debit card in person);
  3. A $50 deposit will be requested. If your children will not be able to attend the camp despite the financial assistance offered, this deposit will be refunded;
  4. Complete and send the financial assistance form, making sure to provide all requested documents. It is possible to send via mail, scan by email or bring the documents in-person at the camp office;
  5. Applications are processed within 3 business days, the administration team will follow up with the applicants;
  6. Once the discount has been granted, a payment plan will be established with the administrative team;
  7. Now it's time to enjoy camp!

* Conditions of admissibility available upon request.