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Your kids will have fun every minute of camp, so they won’t even notice that our programming helps them develop independence, healthy habits and a sense of belonging that will follow them everywhere!

Summer 2021 | Gradual opening of registrations

Following Public Health’s permission to hold day camps this summer, we are working hard to propose several camp locations to you shortly.

For now, we can only confirm that we will hold a camp at Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, at Pointe-Saint-Charles , in the Mile End (Du Parc YMCA), at Québec city (Saint Roch neighbourhood) and at Westmount.

Registration will start:

  • on March 17 for our Notre-Dame-de-Grâce camp,
  • on March 24 for our camp at Pointe-Saint-Charles and in the Mile End (Du Parc YMCA),
  • on March 31 for our camp at Westmount,
  • on April 12 for our Québec city camp.

We will provide more information on the other camps as soon as possible. You can sign up here to receive email updates!

Our Preschool Camp | 3 to 5 years

Our Classic Camps | 5 to 12 years

Énergik Camp | 9 to 12 years

Urban explorers camp | 13 to 15 years

Eco camp | 9 to 12 years

Creative camp | 5 to 12 years

Dance and movement camp | 5 to 12 years

Explo camp | 5 to 12 years

Counsellor-in-training - DAFA | 15 to 17 years

Our day camp in Québec city