Registration information

Registering for the Inclusion Program:

Step 1:

In order to begin the registration process for our inclusion program, we require that all parents and/or guardians complete and submit a Request for Participation package*.

*The Request for Participation package will be available online as of February 2020.

This form allows us to make an in-depth assessment of the needs of campers and to ensure that we have the resources to meet them. 

Step 2:

The documents must be submitted by email to the following email address:

In order for YMCAs of Québec Day Camps to properly assess each child’s situation, the two forms included in this package must be completed by the child’s parents/guardians and by a professional who works closely with the child and has the capacity to assess them in a group setting (i.e. therapist, teacher, educator, etc.).

Please ensure that all of the necessary documentation is included and the forms are filled out before submitting your Request for Participation package. It is very important to ensure all mandatory fields in the request forms have been completed prior to submitting the documents. These fields are identified by an asterisk (*).

Step 3:

The need and eligibility for a companion will only be assessed once all required documentation has been submitted and all mandatory fields have been completed.

Once submitted, a response will be sent out 10 days following the submission.

Step 4:

Please note that YMCAs of Québec Day Camps are getting a new registration system: Avocado.

In order to complete your registration to our inclusion program, a profile much be created on our Avocado system. Once a camper is accepted into the inclusion program after the Request for Participation package has been processed, online registration as well as a payment will be required within 5 days of receiving the initial acceptance letter.

Please note that you cannot complete an online registration until your Request for Participation forms are sent by email and the request is accepted by a team member. Any online registration made without following these initial steps does not qualify as a registration to our program. 

Step-by-Step Registration

  1. Complete Request for Participation package (both the ‘Guardian’ as well as ‘Professional’ portions).
  2. Submit your Request for Participation by email to
  3. If we have the space and the resources to meet the needs of the camper, an acceptance letter will be sent within 10 days of the initial request.
  4. After receiving an acceptance letter, the guardian has 5 days to decline or accept the offer and complete their online registration through Avocado. 

For more information please contact us at: or 514 789-8001, ext. 1524.