Counsellor-in-training - DAFA

Personal development, fun, challenges and pride!

Why take the Counsellor-in-training - DAFA at the YMCA?

  • Superior training (1:12 ratio);
  • Experienced program managers dedicated to young people's success;
  • Hiring opportunities as soon as certification is obtained.

The Counsellor-in-Training Program (CIT - DAFA) was created for young people aged 15 to 17 who wish to become camp counsellors. This intensive training, certified by the ACQ, qualifies young people to work in a camp the following summer.

The CIT camp lasts 5 weeks, including a 3-day stay at Camp YMCA Kanawana in Saint-Sauveur.

Throughout the camp, young people will be trained in all aspects of camp life: the role of the animation team, child development, activity planning, creativity, safety, collaboration with colleagues, etc. As the weeks progress, the young people gradually take up responsibilities in the regular camp and finish their CIT program with internships alongside different camp groups, supervised by the counsellors. In total, the participant will spend a minimum of 150 hours in theoretical and practical learning, and 50 hours leading a group. In addition, young people will be required to complete an 8-hour first aid training during the camp.

The CIT camp is also an opportunity to enjoy an exceptional camp experience. Young people will be able to discover group life and develop their leadership, creativity and animation skills with young people who share the same interests!

CIT - DAFA is a certification required by several camps, including those of the YMCA. It is therefore a considerable asset for a young person who wishes to join the animation team of a day camp or a summer camp.

Do you have to be bilingual to participate in the program?

Not necessarily. The workshops are given in the operating language of the site, so the West Island YMCA camp is more anglophone, the Westmount camp is bilingual, the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve camp is almost exclusively francophone, and so on. However, during the internships, counsellors-in-training will have to be able to be understood by their entire group.

Pre-camp meetings:

3 preparatory meetings will take place in May and June. The schedule will be communicated in April to all registrants.

Westmount and West Island

More info to come!