Additional Services

Camp is wonderful and adding an additional service makes it even better! Here are all the details you need about the little extras that will make your summer even easier!

Please click here to download the registration guide before you begin registering your child to one of our day camps.

Please note that if you would like to register your child for the upcoming week, you must do so before noon on the preceding Thursday.


A childcare service is available before and after regular camp hours. Prices and hours vary per location. Please consult the details of your day camp location for more information. 

During these hours, our childcare workers will organize several activity options. Campers who still want to move can participate in sports activities while others can choose between board games and reading, creative activities as well as other stimulating activities. This period is also the perfect opportunity for your child to spend time with friends and have fun at their own pace.


Offered at the Cartierville, Downtown, Du Parc, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and Westmount camps.

The YMCAs of Québec are pleased to offer a delicious and well-balanced meal service that has been approved by a dietician. Prepared in collaboration with the Saveurs YMCA catering service, the proposed menus are adapted to children's needs and based on the basic principles of healthy eating. In addition, our camps are founding members of the Tremplin Santé program, a program that promotes the adoption of healthy eating habits.

There are many vegetarian dishes as well as those made with eggs or fish. We made the conscious decision not to include any deli meats.

For children with allergies or dietary restrictions, please note that we do not serve products containing nuts or pork products. We cannot, however, guarantee that all our meals will be vegetarian or vegan.

Registration for the meal service occurs at the same time as camp registration. You can also add the meal option during the summer (please ensure to make the request and payment before noon on the Friday prior to the beginning of the following week). Please consult the details of your day camp location.

Please consult the summer 2019 menu below. The menu is for a 2-week period and is rotated over the 9 summer weeks.


Our Inclusion Program aims to offer all children a fun, positive and safe camp experience. We believe that every child is entitled to proper support and understanding, and we strive to successfully include campers with different needs and diverse abilities.

To do so, wWe provide companions to children who may need additional support to fully participate in camp life. Children with different needs benefit from participating in a stimulating environment with other children who, for their part, learn to accept and embrace everyone’s differences.

Please visit our Inclusion Program page for more information on the program and how to register your child for the upcoming summer!