26-Day Voyageurs Ultimate (Ages 15–17)

The Voyageurs Ultimate program offers a unique experience within the canoe-tripping leadership section at Kanawana. It acts as a transitional program for campers looking to take on extra responsibility within a canoe-tripping setting and is a great preparation for our Forester program. 

15–17-year-old participants in Voyageurs Ultimate are encouraged to apply for either the Trailblazer or Forester programs the following year, as we only begin hiring staff at age 17.

Participants in our Voyageurs Ultimate program will have the opportunity to plan and lead with their peers a 21-day white water canoe trip. They will leave with transferrable leadership and technical skills that can be brought into all aspects of their lives and will gain the confidence in their survival and canoe-tripping skills. 

Participants can enjoy all aspects of trip planning and preparation, and experience co-leading during two days of the trip in order to practice the hard and soft skills they are developing throughout. They will get to plan their own menu, route and learn about hydrology, campsite management and survival and interpretation skills!
Campers can only register in one session: Voyageurs Ultimate (session 3 and 4)

All our canoe trips are centred on teamwork and community living while helping participants develop their leadership and outdoor survival skills.

NOTE: For safety purposes, Camp YMCA Kanawana reserves the right to change the length and locations of each trip. These will be determined depending on weather, water, and road conditions, as well as the overall schedule of trips each session. 
Canoe trips are physically demanding and require a certain level of swimming ability. Kanawana therefore reserves the right to refuse any participant we deem unable to cope with the demands of such a trip.  

How to apply for a Leadership Program?

July 22 - August 16, 2024

26 days - 25 nights

Price: $ 4 107 (plus a $70 tuck fee) + taxes

Eligible for tax credits expenses.

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