5-day Coyote 7-15

Campers enjoy a memorable five-day outdoor wilderness experience, learning survival skills through a variety of challenges and adventures. Separated into day groups and tent groups, campers go on daily excursions into Kanawana’s forest to explore nature and develop their personal creativity and resilience.

In the afternoon, campers take workshops, where they can learn new skills and discover new interests. In the evening, campers participate in games or relax around the fire, making crafts or sharing stories.

Campers sleep in traditional platform tents in the Coureurs des Bois section of Kanawana, close to the bathrooms, infirmary, dining hall, and centre of camp.

Activities may include:

  • Survival skills: shelter building, fire making, and forest orientation;
  • Nature awareness: tracking, stealth challenges, and discovering plants and wildlife;
  • Group activities: carving, swimming, storytelling, singing, and big group games.