54 days Trailblazers Counsellor-in-training (16-17)

During our 8-week Trailblazer program, participants learn a wide range of important skills that are essential for a future camp counsellor. Through various workshops, training sessions and activities, participants develop their skill sets for working with children and planning events, including creative programming, risk management, team building, and effective communication. 

Participants also gain practical experience by implementing the skills and knowledge they learn in training sessions and workshops. Each participant is paired with a cabin/tent group and assists a counsellor as they lead activities and look out for the safety and well-being of campers. 

What’s more, participants will have the incredible opportunity to experience a 4- or 5-day canoe trip, led by our experienced and well-trained staff. All of our canoe trips are centred on teamwork and community living while helping participants develop their leadership skills. 

Certifications include:

  • Standard First Aid and CPR certifications (16-hour course)

  • A DAFA certificate from the Association des camps du Québec. 

Please note: Discounts will not be given for participants who already have their Standard First Aid and/or CPR certifications.

Good news: We will be open next summer!

We have the COVID-safety guidelines from this past summer in hand, we have started staff hiring, and our installations team has been hard at work on some much-needed renovations at camp over the past year.

Check the dates & rates for next summer.

June 27 - August 19, 2022

54 days - 53 nights

Price: $ 4 700 (plus a $65 tuck fee) + taxes

Eligible for tax credits expenses.