54 days Foresters Canoe Guides-in-training 16-17

The Forester program is specifically for campers who are interested in becoming canoe trip leaders. 

Participants take part in an array of training sessions and workshops designed to develop their leadership skills and their abilities when working with children and leading canoe trips.

Participants also have an incredible experience bonding with each other on a 16- to 18-day canoe trip on the beautiful Coulonge River, led by our experienced and well-trained staff members. All our canoe trips are centered on teamwork and community living while helping participants develop their leadership and outdoor survival skills.

What’s more, participants will gain practical experience by implementing the skills and knowledge they learn in training sessions and workshops. Each participant will assist a canoe guide, as they lead a canoe trip and ensure the safety and well-being of campers.

They also accompany cabin and tent groups on overnights and assist the Hike & Trip team with packing food for trips and managing trip equipment.

Certifications include:

  • Standard First Aid and CPR certifications (16-hour course)
  • White Water Rescue (WWR) Levels I & II*

*Based on instructor availability.

How to apply for a Leadership Program