12 days Adventurers White water 13-16

The best of both worlds, with the thrill of white water!

Campers have the incredible opportunity to experience a 4- to 6-day white water canoe trip on the beautiful Rouge River, led by our experienced and well-trained canoe guides.

Campers spend most days in our Regular Residential Camp program while also preparing and training for their 4- to 6-day canoe camping trip.

All our canoe trips are centered on teamwork and community living while helping participants develop their leadership and outdoor survival skills.

Please note: For safety purposes, Camp YMCA Kanawana reserves the right to change the length and locations of each trip. These will be determined depending on weather, water, and road conditions, as well as the overall schedule of trips each session.
Canoe trips are physically demanding, and require a certain level of swimming ability. Camp YMCA Kanawana therefore reserves the right to refuse any participant we deem unable to cope with the demands of such a trip.