Collectifs de la société civile

Participate alongside the YMCA!

For several years now, student groups and members of civil society have organized collectives to participate in different international meetings, such as World Social Forums and major global conferences.    

Since 2008, the YMCA, in partnership with UNI-Alter, has organized several Collectifs de la société civile québécoise to attend large-scale international events, such as the Americas Social Forum in Guatemala City (Guatemala) in October 2008 and the People’s Summit, which operated on the fringes of the Rio +20 – United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in June 2012.  

By organizing these collectives, the YMCA makes it possible for citizens interested in the alter-globalization movement to learn more about global issues and, subsequently, make a concrete difference within their own community. 

COP 26 Collective (from November 9 to November 19 2020 2019 Glasgow, Scotland)

In 2019, the YMCA launched the Collectif de la société civile québécoise (Quebec Civil Society Collective) with contributions from various partners and collaborators, to allow nearly 100 people to participate in COP 26 and the civil society activities surrounding the event.

The Collective’s main goals are:

  • To facilitate the engagement of all individuals, particularly young people between the ages of 18 to 35, in their communities;
  • To promote diversity and inclusion;
  • To develop a better understanding of global issues and their impact on a local scale;
  • To strengthen participants’ knowledge and skills in social and environmental matters;
  • To highlight the expertise of various organizations and individuals through networking.

What is COP 26?

The 2020 United Nations Climate Change Conference is considered the most important climate-related diplomatic event since the 2015 COP 21 in Paris. Taking place five years after the Paris Agreement, it will be a pivotal moment in the fight against climate change. The YMCA believes it’s an excellent opportunity to get involved in this social issue and give youths a chance speak out through the Y’s various programs.

Participate Alongside the YMCA!

Who can participate?

Anyone over 18 who wishes to join the Collective..

When will events be held?

The Collective hosts events year round. The main event of the year will be COP 26, from November 9 to 19, 2020, in Scotland. Prior to the event, the Collective will host a series of training, discussion and co-creation workshops.

How can I participate?

For more information, including logistical details and participation costs, please fill out the form.