Web Walkers (Les Promeneurs du Net)

Web Walkers (Les Promeneurs du Net) are youth workers who work for the YMCAs of Québec who lead online activities and connect with young people where they are, online. They help create a safe virtual space for teens assist them in honing their critical thinking skills with respect to online information and images.

In addition to being reliable adults for these teens, these qualified youth workers can spot troubling situations, guide young people in difficulty and educate them on a variety of subjects.

Trained on issues surrounding the online habits of young people, our youth workers are committed to working within the Charter of the Quebec Web Walkers Network (Charte du réseau des Promeneurs du Net québécois) and to respecting the professional position of online counsellors.

  • Reliable adults
  • Trained to spot potentially dangerous situations
  • Guiding teens who are in difficulty
  • Educating on a variety of subjects

Our Web Walkers

Aisha Chaudry Brittany McElroy Daniel Ruiz Marc Scholastique Melvin-John Herbilla Stephanie Godbout Tosh Watson Y'Zola Liba Pangou

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