Social Skill Development Program – Diversion

Helping young people aged 12–17 develop their social skills

Does your child sometimes have a hard time in social situations (does your child have high-functioning special needs or is he lacking in social skills)? Is he between 12 and 17 years old? Do you want your child to get active, learn new things and make friends? Diversion is a safe space where he can have fun, meet new people and talk about anything he wants.

The group meets once a week to take part in a workshop, a group discussion or an activity. Your child will be involved in planning the activity calendar, monthly workshops and volunteering activities. 

An opportunity for your child to develop his self-confidence, social and leadership skills and a sense of belonging, this group will help him become more empowered, take charge and make positive choices in his life. 

This program is offered at the West Island YMCA.

T: 514 630-9864, ext. 5210

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