Preschool Camps

The main objective of our preschool day camps is to create a welcoming and friendly environment where children aged 3 to 5 can learn and play in a supervised, supportive and safe setting.

Children will be divided into groups based on their date of birth (ex:  3-year-old group, 4-year-old group, 5-year-old group). 

Our activities promote the well-being of children in spirit, mind and body. We believe that each camper is unique and important. Helping campers gain selfesteem is at the heart of our mission. We focus on recreational and physical activities as well as special events that allow all children to reach their full potential.
In order for all children to have a positive camp experience, it is essential that they have already experienced separation from their parents. This should not be the environment in which to do so for the first time.  

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