We love street games!

The YMCAs of Québec - November 22 2016

Do you remember playing hockey in the street when you were young? Or maybe soccer in the alley? It’s to restore this tradition that the YMCAs of Quebec are supporting Coalition Poids to ask municipal officials to review their municipal bylaws to permit street play in residential areas.

The YMCAs of Québec want to restore this tradition for kids across Québec.

As we know, children are becoming less active and spending more time in front of a screen, an average of 23 hours a week or 3 hours a day in Québec. Unfortunately, zoning by-laws and municipal regulations often prohibit playing in the street.

“Playing outdoors has a lot of positive effects on children’s health and development. It allows kids to make decisions, evaluate risks, resolve problems, interact with others, be creative and improve their concentration, which is great for homework. Moreover, children who play outside are more active and less at risk of excessive weight gain,” explains Corinne Voyer, Director of Coalition Poids.

The YMCAs of Québec are joining Coalition Poids to support a bill calling elected officials to look at municipal by-laws and draw inspiration from the City of Beloeil, which launched an ambitious pilot project a year ago to designate some residential streets as play zones.

By giving streets and alleys back to kids, we will help them rediscover the joy of playing, being active and socializing with other children in the neighbourhood.

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