‘Towards a Social Development Policy’ – Learn about the YMCA’s recommendations to the City of Montréal

The YMCAs of Québec - January 19 2017

As part of a public consultation on a Social Development Policy, the YMCAs of Québec submitted a report on Wednesday, January 18 to the Commission sur le développement social et la diversité montréalaise that outlined ways to help individuals and communities achieve their full potential.

For decades now, the City of Montréal and the YMCA have worked together on several initiatives aimed at creating immediate surroundings that are beneficial to Montréal citizens, namely by:  

  • Improving recreational infrastructure and equipment to give everyone better access to sports and recreational activities.
  • Giving all youth opportunities that allow them to become positive, healthy, confident and productive young adults. 

We are also pleased to share with you our vision for social development to make Montréal a healthy, engaged and inclusive metropolis. This vision addresses issues that are directly related to our field of expertise.

Most of our recommendations follow approaches proposed in the City’s consultation document. We think it advisable to focus on two issues:

  • More strongly promoting access to healthy and active living for everyone;   
  • Developing youth potential and employability.  

The City of Montréal must also recognize the contribution of community organizations to the social development of Montréal and follow a community-based approach, as one’s neighbourhood is the primary locus of citizenship.

> Read the executive summary (in French only)

> Read the report (in French only)

To find out more about the consultation, click here. (in French only)