The YMCA Residence: A Fresh Start for Many Asylum Seekers

The YMCAs of Québec - September 15 2017

The arrival of many asylum seekers in Québec has been making headlines recently, and the YMCAs of Québec have been working with government authorities from the start to welcome them.

For several years now, the YMCA Residence has offered reception and temporary housing services to refugees and asylum seekers from all around the world. In collaboration with PRAIDA (Programme régional d’accueil et d’intégration des demandeurs d’asile), the Residence provides a transition place for newcomers who often do not have much more than what they were able to carry. The Y meets their basic needs—eating and sleeping in a safe place—but it also makes it easier for them to integrate into their new society by offering workshops and services. A drop-in daycare and an emergency clothing bank are also available.  

The YMCA currently has 4 temporary housing sites in Montréal, where it welcomes nearly 1,400 people from around the world. The average stay at the Residence is 45 days, or enough time for residents to find an apartment.