The City of Pointe-Claire and the YMCAs of Québec Announce a Win-Win Partnership for the West Island

YMCAs of Québec - July 28 2021

It is with gratitude and a sense of accomplishment that we recently received approval from our partner members at a Special General Meeting to partner with the City of Pointe-Claire. In the context of this agreement, the City will acquire the YMCA building, turning it into a municipal sports and community centre with integrated YMCA, thus preserving the site for recreational use.

While we put out a call for partnerships last March after realizing that we clearly needed to secure partnerships so that we could continue our work in the long term, we found that collaborating with the City of Pointe-Claire came naturally as it too was looking for ways to enhance the services it offered to residents.

Concretely, this means the YMCA’s numerous community programs, such as the TeenZone, School Success programs, financial assistance, and the camp Companion program will all continue uninterrupted. It also means that we will offer fitness activities to complement those offered by the City, which, after acquiring the building, will be in charge of managing the sports facilities.

Working with a partner and creating a stimulating living environment, arising from expertise and complementary programs offered under one roof, is the best thing that could have happened to ensure our engagement in the West Island and in the heart of Pointe-Claire. We are therefore able to take another step toward our goal of transforming our business model, so that we can further commit to our social impact and various programs.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us in this substantial transformation; this will help us come out of the current crisis stronger and more relevant.