Physical Literacy Gives Our Kids a Strong Advantage

YMCAs of Québec - April 15 2019

Less than 10% of Canadian children and youth adhere to the 24-Hour Movement Guidelines. Our youth are not getting enough physical activity and spend more and more time focused upon sedentary activities. The Y has launched a physical literacy program as a result of this challenge.

The YMCA physical literacy program presented by Manuvie

Learning how to move is as important as learning to read or write! In keeping with our mission of helping children, youth and families live healthy and active lives, the Y is proud to bring this physical literacy program to its summer camps and soon to its youth programming.

What is physical literacy?

 Physical literacy is not only about increasing physical skills, but also about deepening children's confidence, motivation, understanding and knowledge so that they develop the desire to be physically active from an early age. Concretely, it's about ensuring that physical activities are offered in a stimulating, safe and respectful environment. It means exploring various basic movements through play and discussing the importance of adopting an active lifestyle. A young person who has developed physical literacy is more inclined to grow up healthily and be active for life.  

A 5-year project

  Camps Regular programming for 6 to 12 year olds
Phase 1 Pilot project (2 camps)  
Phase 2 Deployment in all 10 camps  
Phase 3 Variation of the program for Camp YMCA Kanawana and development of inclusive physical literacy  
Phase 4 Pilot project (2 centres)
Phase 5 Deployment in all centres and sustainability of the project


Program actions:

  • Development of training and resources
  • Application of policies favouring the practice of physical activity
  • Enhancement of the enriched physical literacy service offer
  • Optimisation of equipment and installations
  • Education about the importance of a physically active lifestyle

What does a camp enriched by physical literacy look like?

Tips for home

Your child will have a greater chance of maintaining an active lifestyle if they get moving for the fun of it. Talk about it at home and take an interest in their play times. Ask them to tell you about their day:

  • Show me what you did today.
  • What would you like to do tonight?
  • Who do you like to play with?
  • What's your favorite activity?

Staying active as a family with Bingo!