Funding to prevent homelessness and fight sexual exploitation

YMCAs of Québec - May 10 2022

Montréal, May 10, 2022

It is with great gratitude that the Social Reintegration and Inclusion Sector of the YMCAs of Québec has received two new government grants to support its efforts in preventing homelessness and fighting sexual exploitation in Montréal.

The First Stop program receives $117,000 in funding from the ministère de la Sécurité publique

This funding, distributed over two years, will be used to increase the capacity of the YMCAs of Québec’s intervention team in fighting sexual exploitation east of downtown.

Young people can experience sexual exploitation in diverse ways: adults with bad intentions who take advantage of young men with intellectual disabilities, young women who exchange sex for a place to sleep, young drug users and runaways who fall into a network of exploitation, and so on.

“In a complementary manner and in collaboration with existing resources in the area, this funding will help us meet the needs of sexually exploited young people in terms of support, follow-up, and guidance, all while acting proactively to reduce risk factors associated with sexual exploitation. Our goal is to reach and help at least 75 young people per year.”

Geneviève Latour,

First Stop Program Supervisor | YMCAs of Québec

Planning for Prison Release program receives $386,000 in funding from the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux

Thanks to a two-year federal grant from the Reaching Home program, additional outreach workers will join the YMCAs of Québec’s team, which will thus be able to triple the number of interventions carried out in the field. Additionally, thanks to a partnership with the Old Brewery Mission, a dozen supervised apartments will be made available to people just released from a detention centre to ensure they do not fall into homelessness and can benefit from the support of social actors, facilitating their reintegration into society.

“The Planning for Prison Release program allows us to support and prepare the release of people incarcerated in a Montréal detention centre who will likely find themselves living on the street when they are released. The program’s main goal is to break cycles of homelessness and criminal recidivism, and, to date, the results are very promising. Since 2018, over 440 people received follow-ups adapted to their needs, close to 2,000 interventions were carried out each year, and hundreds of collaborations were undertaken with community, correctional, and health services.”

Isabel Gervais, M.Sc. Criminology

Planning for Prison Release program Supervisor | YMCAs of Québec

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