Everyone has the potential to shine

YMCAs of Québec - May 09 2024

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Shine on. It’s the feeling you get when you accomplish something you didn’t think was possible. It’s when you suddenly feel hope where there was only despair. It’s when you get access to something that you thought was out of reach. 
It’s when you feel like you belong to something much bigger than yourself. 
Whatever dreams or obstacles people have, they have an inner light that wants to shine. With the YMCA’s programs, support, and guidance, people can improve their sense of well-being so they can let that light out into the world. 



At the Y, this is the beacon that lights our path.

If people who come to the Y have a light within them, we want to be the switch that allows them to shine bright. We are people-powered. Our energy, support, and positivity is what ultimately helps participants overcome what’s holding them back. 
For these people, we’re their favourite coach. The parent who never misses a game. The die-hard fan who keeps showing up whether they win or lose. We’re the voice that sits on the other shoulder, opposite that little naysayer, and reassures them, “You’ve got this.”
We give people the tools, encouragement, and safe space to discover their inner strength. When they know someone’s in their corner, with unconditional support, they realize they can do more than they thought possible. 

With us at their side, they can Shine On. That’s our DNA.

And when each of us shines, the collective strength of an entire community can be realized.
Together, let’s ignite the potential in people.



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