Engagez-vous pour le communautaire: A Campaign to Raise Awareness on the Importance of Supporting Community Organizations in their Mission

YMCAs of Québec - February 21 2022

A wave of collective actions by community organizations from all over Quebec will punctuate the coming week. Under the theme “Engagez-vous pour le communautaire” (get involved for the community sector), the actions will cap off with a large protest in downtown Montreal on February 22 and Quebec City on February 24, two cities where the Y is itself engaged.

The campaign aims to emphasize the importance of funding the missions of community organizations as well as the importance of a government action plan to better support the community sector. The goal is to obtain $460 million in funding per year, allowing organizations to have greater autonomy and be less fragile, especially considering the substantial positive impact we collectively have on communities throughout the province.

As a community organization, the YMCAs of Quebec support the aim of these actions: we think it is key that the government increases and improves funding for organizations that support communities and the most vulnerable; organizations that like the Y have been all the more impacted by the pandemic. 

As such, we will show our solidarity by increasing our communications in the coming days, with, on the one hand, employees, volunteers, members, and participants, and on the other, the general public, mainly through our social media.

Furthermore, as our participants need us more than ever, we do not foresee any interruption to our services or suspension of our programming. But we have planned to accommodate employees who want to take time off from work to participate in the different campaign events, allowing them to show their support for these goals.

Strongly committed to supporting every person who currently uses our services and participates in our activities, the YMCA stands in solidarity with all the players of the community sector and is aware of their needs and supports them in sustaining their impact, particularly as the current times are even harder on the populations they serve.