A minute and a half of your time

YMCAs of Québec - November 15 2018

It’s Universal Children’s Day!

On this occasion, we invite you to take a minute today to watch a video starring Shannon, Jade, Érik and Radhika, young TeenZone participants.

Happy Universal Children’s Day everyone!  

As Charlotte, one of our youth workers, would say, at our Zones, there are so many examples of talented and engaged youth who will become extraordinary adults if we would just give them a chance. 

Thanks to your work and the generosity of our donors and volunteers, the TeenZone is there to help these young people make their dreams a reality.  

Happy Universal Children’s Day everyone!  

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*Thank you to Desjardins, host of our main annual fundraising event — the YMCA Peace Medals — for supporting the Y's youth and producing this incredible video.