A heartfelt thanks to all of our volunteers

The YMCAs of Québec - April 21 2017

What you’re doing is huge. You’re giving your free time to others. The big and small things that you do every day: 

  • Saying hello to our members;
  • Teaching a kid how to be active;
  • Helping a young person with his homework;
  • Making it possible for people in need achieve their dreams, whatever they may be.

The big and small things that you do every day makes our work a lot easier.


Imagine. You help 120,000 people each year. We just couldn’t do it without you. Isn’t that amazing? 120,000 people—that’s enough to fill six Bell Centres (granted, it’s just a little less than our national icon Céline Dion, who filled it 9 times last summer!).


We need you.

  • You’re our arms and legs. You help us deliver services in our centres.
  • You’re our eyes and ears. You allow us to understand the needs of the communities we serve.
  • You’re our faces and voices. You represent who we are to our participants and those around you.


Your contribution to the YMCA is important. It’s priceless. Everything that you do has a real impact on peoples. You are helping them achieve their goals. You are changing lives.  

We can never say it enough: THANK YOU!!!