A Y Bedtime Story

- April 30 2020

Late afternoon—it’s almost dinnertime, but somewhere in the world, teens are waking up right now… 

Meanwhile, at the other end of Montréal, a TeenZone coordinator or youth worker is going live! It might be Moctar, talking about this week’s programming, or Luisa, hosting a quiz. Some days, Jade, David or Carl-Michael are showing us how to cook something delicious, or Adbelbasset and Dice are sharing tips on how to stay fit at home.

Mitchell, Viral and many others are always available for personal online meetings if someone needs to talk, they call them. They are also here for those who just want to chill together.

It’s 8:00 pm. If you have kids, they might be in bed. You may be done with online meetings for the day. It’s late, but if you go to Instagram, you’ll probably see Galia, Jade and Mitchell hosting games and helping teens feel more connected. You can also try out Marine’s African dance classes, play Uno with Charlotte, or maybe watch an online film, together.

At first glace, this may all seem too ‘virtual’, too cold or too much screen time. But if you look closer, you’ll it’s what life is like for teens and their youth workers during this time of isolation: mental health support for those who going through tough times, help for students who are worried about their school year, and safe ways to socialize for teens who are resisting the temptation to see each other ‘in real life’.

This is how the Y is adjusting to this new reality so it can help teens feel less lonely and a little less isolated.

Do you know someone who could benefit from this? Send them this link. We can be there for them everyday, for free.