Plus Locker Trial

Try a Plus Locker Room for one month for only $15

With each visit to our roomy and comfortable Plus Locker Rooms, you will receive a set of white towels and enjoy free newspapers, a wide-screen TV, a sofa, armchairs, complementary toiletries as well as a small personal locker—used only by you during your membership to store your shoes or other small items—and one large locker. 

A real VIP experience! Plus Locker Rooms also feature a steam room and a sauna (Downtown), a sauna and a whirlpool (West Island) and a steam room (Cartierville)*. 

*Please note that the Cartierville Y’s sauna is located in the pool area and open to all members.

- Reserved for members aged 18 and over.
- Members must have an active membership.
- Only one trial per member.

Have questions?

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