02.09.11 - By exercising at the YMCA, you are assisting seniors.

By exercising at the Y, you are making a responsible choice and are part of a charitable...

...organization that has long been coming to the aid of seniors. We offer projects that help improve their everyday life. Our aim is to meet their changing needs by adapting our fitness programming for seniors who wish to remain active, but who unfortunately are often left to themselves and are socially isolated. The aging population has currently become one of society’s major challenges.

Statistics that encourage us to take action:

  • People aged 65 and up currently account for 14.3% of the population of Québec.
  • Seniors will account for 24.4% of the population in 2026, and nearly 30% in 2051.
  • In 2041, life expectancy will reach 82 years for men, and 87 years for women.
A few examples of what the Y does to help seniors:

  • Rendez-vous Y is a day centre where seniors can socialize and participate in recreational activities with their peers (209 participants and volunteers).

  • Seniors in Action is a membership program intended specifically for seniors who require adapted supervision to help them adopt healthy lifestyle habits and integrate physical activity into their everyday life.

  • Over 400 at-risk seniors who live alone receive a daily phone call from Hello Bonjour !.

  • Many of our centres offer intergenerational meeting programs: help with reading and writing for youth from the Westmount Y centre, lunch once a month with elementary school students at the Pointe-Saint-Charles Y centre, manual workshops at the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Y centre, and lots of opportunities for conversation and fun!

  • Our programming includes regular activities that are designed for seniors (Stretching, Toning with Ball, Gentle Yoga, the Stand Up program to help prevent falls and fractures, and many more!).

“Ever since I’ve been coming to the Du Parc Y, my fitness level and balance have greatly improved, and I feel much better.  Becoming a member and volunteering with various social and artistic activities has allowed me to develop new relationships and build lasting friendships”, Margo, participant and volunteer with our programs for seniors, Du Parc Y centre. 

In 2005, Claude Chomski was more or less in shape. At an age when many retire, Claude felt the need to get active. However, he did not want to do it alone; he needed some support. The YMCA teamed him up with Yaffa, a private trainer. In 2007, Claude took part in a walking half-marathon and completed it in 3 hours and 8 minutes. He hardly ever uses his car anymore because he spends most of his time walking, he has convinced his wife to come to the Y, and he has become a trainer for a small walking group. Claude has changed his self-perception, and his quality of life keeps improving.

Video of Michèle, 67 years old, Stand Up program participant

For seniors in action
The Y encourages active aging!

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