02.09.11 - By exercising at the YMCA, you are supporting families

By exercising at the Y, you are making a responsible choice and are part of a charitable...

...organization that lends support to families through various services and activities such as our family membership which allows families to save while having access to unlimited recreational activities adapted to all age groups. We help promote healthy lifestyle habits and social integration, and work towards strengthening family ties by offering programs or meeting places where children can develop their social and psychomotor skills, and where parents can unwind, build new friendships, and share with others.  Long live families!

Statistics that encourage us to take action:

  • A third of children in Montreal are not prepared for Kindergarten.
  • Over the last 15 years, families have gone through major changes: twice as many unmarried couples with children, significant decrease in the number of two-parent families, increase in the number of single-parent families.
  • In 2006, the majority (53.9%) of families with children living on the island of Montreal were immigrants, mixed, or non-permanent residents.

A few examples of how the Y lends support to families:

  • The Family Resource Centre is a meeting place that helps contribute to the development of children by learning through play, and helps break the isolation of families.

  • The Community Initiatives of The YMCAs of Québec’s Residence offers a multitude of services and activities for residents and former residents seeking refugees status, all with the aim of helping them with the immigration and integration process. 

  • YMCA Healthy Kids Day is a not-be-missed event for families held every spring. This Open House event allows children and parents to jointly take part in recreational and fitness activities, workshops on nutrition, and more. 

  • Our 8 daycares and nursery schools have adopted Playing to Learn; a unique and proven educational approach to child development.

  • We have 9 day camps in Montreal, 1 in Québec, and a summer camp (camp Y Kanawana) in Saint-Sauveur. The camp experience promotes the development of self-esteem and improves the ability to make friends.  Every year, over 4000 children live the YMCA experience in our day camps and camp Y Kanawana!


“We have no regrets about our decision to move to Québec, we feel content here. And the Y has truly become a second home for us”, states Graciela on behalf of her husband Miguel and their three young children:  Paolo (8 years old), Natalia (5 years old), and Luca (2 years old), Latin-American family and members of the West Island Y centre.

“I’ll never forget the 26th of July, 2008. We were planning on having a picnic at Jean-Drapeau Park for the very first time. Usually, we would be between 15-30 participants on these outings. Much to everyone’s surprise, 73 asylum-seekers and 7 volunteers showed up for this memorable outing.  For these asylum-seekers who had left everything behind in their home countries and who constantly worry about what the future has in store, they could not ask for more as this outing allowed them to forget their worries for at least one day. It was their summer vacation”
François Bertrand, former volunteer at the Covered Garden, now known as the Community Initiatives of The YMCAs of Québec’s Residence.

Video of Kanawana: Why do I love Kanawana?

“It takes a village to raise a child.” (African proverb)
Québec families need your support!

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