02.09.11 - By exercising at the YMCA, you are helping youth succeed

By exercising at the Y, you are making a responsible choice and are part of a charitable...

...organization that helps contribute to the well-being and the success of Québec youth. We welcome over 30,000 children and youth into our infrastructures. We promote the success of youth by providing them with the tools to become responsible and by offering them development opportunities that help build their confidence and allow them to get involved with their community.
Statistics that encourage us to take action:
  • 29% of Québec youth do not finish their high school education in the allotted time.
  • School dropout rates are twice as high in disadvantaged areas. 
  • 23% of Québec youth are overweight or obese. 
A few examples of what the Y does to promote the well-being and success of youth:

  1. Alternative Suspension lends support to students who have been temporarily suspended from their schools. The program effectively contributes to decreasing risk factors associated with dropping out of school.

  2. Our Youth Zones serve as a meeting place for youth aged 12-17 years and helps prevent certain at-risk behaviours. Over 2500 youth visit our Youth Zones.

  3. When done on a regular basis, physical activity has a positive impact on student learning. As a result, The YMCAs of Québec has implemented a Teen Policy to ensure youth aged 12 to 17 years follow a mandatory 3-session orientation in order to safely use our facilities and fitness equipment.

  4. YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada is a nationwide YMCA program that offers youth from all regions and cultures the opportunity to meet and discover Canada’s different realties.

  5. The leadership program is a group of awareness and action projects focused on local and international issues that is run by youth and for youth aged 16 to 25 years, and is aimed at developing their leadership skills.  

“Thanks to this experience, I now realize that I can do more than I ever thought I could. I am able to succeed”, Jasmine, 15 year-old student, Alternative Suspension participant.

“I participated in many activities such as basketball and break dancing, as well as after-school homework help workshops. The Youth Zone staff is like my second family. (…) I encourage all youth my age to sign up for the Youth Zone and benefit from everything it has to offer”, Amos, originally from Côte d'Ivoire and a Downtown Y centre Youth Zone participant since his arrival in Montreal 5 years ago.

Video of Michaella, 17 years old, youth programs participant

All of these programs help fulfill our mission

aimed at developing children and youth that are healthy, safe, confident, and open-minded…

Successful youth!

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