Babysitting Course / Babysitters’ Club

Parents need babysitting services and youth want to work. The Babysitting Course and Babysitters Club are tailor-made for these two clienteles.

The ever-popular Babysitting Course provides teens with the basic skills they need to look after children, understand basic prevention, and deal with emergency situations. After this two-day course, participants receive a babysitting certificate.

Once they have completed the training, a number of participants go on to join the Babysitters Club, which now has close to 40 members. This Club helps youth find customers and gives them a chance to get together and discuss their babysitting experiences. In order to promote involvement and develop leadership in these members, the Babysitters Club has transformed itself into a babysitting labour cooperative.

More and more people who work with families in the community (social workers at CLSCs, teachers in day care centres) are referring parents to the Club. A survey, of a sample of parents who use its services, indicates that customer satisfaction is generally very high.

Through the Babysitting Course and the Babysitters Club, parents have access to quality services and the youth receive the training and support they need to handle their first work experience successfully.

For more information, please contact Brigitte Crevier at the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Y centre,
514 255-4651, ext. 2236.