Private Trainers

Gabrielle Roddy

Gabrielle’s primary focus as a teacher and trainer is to keep everyone moving, and moving well, throughout their lifespan. Her great joy is working with people to restore lost mobility and helping people maintain and optimize their strength and range of motion. Thirty years of experience in the fitness industry allow Gabrielle to use a dynamic multidisciplinary approach while motivating participants of all ages, fitness levels, body shapes and sizes to reach their full potential. 

Main certifications:

  • PhD. Science of Physical Activity
  • HFFC- Certified Exercise Physiology
  • Certified YMCA F.I.T-individual conditioning
  • Certified Yoga Instructor

Availabilities: Pointe-Saint-Charles YMCA

Geneviève Albert

Geneviève is passionate about everything that appeals to functional fitness, biomechanics, motion analysis, power sports, running, swimming, and also sport’s nutrition. With years of experience and knowledge, she is proud to be able to look into the needs of her clients and develop an adapted program that will make sure you want to train again and again! For her, training is a way of life that features qualities such as discipline, commitment and perseverance.

Main certifications:

  • B.SC. Kinesiology
  • PNCE Swimming
  • PNCE Triathlon
  • Certified AAT-advanced nutrition-level 1
  • Certified AAT Level 1 – Hormonal Cascade & Client Assessment
  • Certified YMCA F.I.T. instructor-- Individual Conditioning
  • Certified LESMILLS- instructor Bodypump

Availabilities: Pointe-Saint-Charles YMCA

Lisa Chrétien

A healthy you is a happy you. For a better quality of life, it is essential to take care of yourself by including proper exercise and good nutrition. Remember: If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!


  • Weightloss
  • HIIT, Bootcamp and Circuit Training
  • Functional Training and Mobilization
  • Spinning
  • Outdoor training


  • YMCA FIT and Corrective Conditioning
  • CanFitPro and Reebok cycle
  • YogaFIT
  • Kettlebell Training, level 1
  • TRX® Suspension System

Availabilities: Downtown YMCA, Pointe-Saint-Charles YMCA