Volunteering Opportunities

Here are a few examples of positions held by our volunteers:

“Welcome Agent”
As a member of the welcoming team, your role is to make contact with new members in order to welcome them. You take note of any questions and comments the new member may have. You play a key role in ensuring that each member has a positive experience at the Y.

“Group Class Instructor”
You lead and direct group classes such as an aerobics class. You are responsible for designing the choreography and carrying it out according to the description and level of the course you are leading. Informing and encouraging participants during the course is another key part of your duties(technical certifications required).

“Canvasser – Annual Campaign”
You play a leading role in raising funds, an activity that is essential to the functioning of The YMCAs of Québec. Your job is to meet with donors individually. This work helps the Y better fill the needs of youth, families and the community.